7 Essentials for the Perfect Baby Shower
If you are planning one for one of your friends or family members, look no further than these tips. They’ll help you plan a baby shower that’s adorable, lovely and a lot of fun for the host, guests and the woman of honor herself – the new mom.

7 Essentials for the Perfect Baby Shower


Many new moms can’t wait for their special day – their baby shower! These cute celebrations intended to shower a new mom with presents for her baby are becoming more and more popular. While they can be so much fun, great baby showers require plenty of planning.


If you are planning one for one of your friends or family members, look no further than these tips. They’ll help you plan a baby shower that’s adorable, lovely and a lot of fun for the host, guests and the woman of honor herself – the new mom.



When it comes to planning a party, it’s essential to get some help. Enlist the help of party-loving relatives or friends, many of whom are usually eager to pitch in! Once you have some helpers, begin dividing the work and delegating a task to each person.


If the party is a surprise, have someone close to the mom-to-be (like her mom) help with the details and let you in on some of her favorite things like her favorite cupcake flavor or her favorite party food. You might even ask her mom or close friend make sure she gets to the party on time.


Date, Place and Invitations

A baby shower is usually held about 4 to 8 weeks before the due date, but there are no rigid rules. If the pregnancy is complicated, there are multiples (twins, triplets, etc.) or there’s a chance baby may come early, it’s best to hold the event before then.


The location depends on the weather, the time of year and the number of guests. Well-kept parks, neighborhood clubhouses, restaurants and even people’s homes are popular places to hold baby showers. Party times may vary, but early to mid afternoon is usually the most convenient. If the event will be held far from where the mom-to-be lives, make sure you plan accordingly so she can travel comfortably and safely.


Remember that the invitations should be sent 4 to 6 weeks in advance of the event, so it’s important to plan ahead.



For a cute baby shower, you are going to need a color palette. While most baby showers choose blue for boys, pink for girls and yellow when mom and dad aren’t sure, any color could work. If you’re not sure of your pregnant friend’s preference, stick with multi-colored pastels.


You don’t need to spend a ton of money on decorations to host a cute party. With some creativity and a little skill, you can make your own decorations and some party souvenirs.



Depending on the time of day, you can either choose to offer guests a complete meal or an array of treats, snacks and desserts. Drinks should be refreshing and tasty (without being overly sweet); and don’t forget the water. One trend to try are mocktails ­– these are colorful drinks with all the fun of real cocktails but without the alcohol – so mom can take part in celebration too.



In addition to the chance to celebrate a new life, the purpose of a baby shower is to shower the new mom with gifts and love. Most moms-to-be will choose to register for their baby shower at a major retailer. A baby registry is a list of things they need or want for baby. This helps ensure that people don’t duplicate gifts or give the mom-to-be something she doesn’t want or can’t use. If mom has a registry be sure to include the information (at what store they are registered and where to find their list) on the invitation.


If the party is a surprise, and the bride won’t have a registry ready, suggest guests bring gift cards or gift receipts in case the guest of honor needs to return the gift.



It’s never a bad idea to have games at a baby shower – they can be fun and help give people who don’t know each other a chance to mingle. Examples of fun games to try are:

  • Baby Bingo: This is just like regular bingo but with pictures of baby items on the cards.
  • Guess How Many: Put colorful candies or chocolates into a large jar and ask guests to guess how many are in there. The guest who chooses right (or as close to correct as possible) takes home the entire jar.
  • What’s in the Diaper: Buy five different types of chocolate bars and melt each one into the center of a newborn baby diaper. Let the guests take turns smelling each diaper to guess what kind of candy is inside each one. It’s funny to see party guests closely inspecting and talking about what looks like baby poop! This game usually brings a lot of laughs!
  • Under the Blanket: This is a memory game that’s best done at a house. Put several baby items (10 or more) on a bed and give guests have a chance to see them for five seconds. Then cover the bed with a blanket and have everyone write what they remember seeing. The winner is the one with the best memory.


Good Memories and Happy Surprises

When the party is over, be sure to have a small favor for each guest. It’s a nice way to thank them for coming and bringing a gift for the new mom. It doesn’t need to be big or expensive, just a thoughtful token. Consider a small picture frame with a copy of the baby’s ultrasound, an aromatic candle small with a decorative ribbon, or a box of chocolates.


No matter how you choose to celebrate, have a plan and plan to have fun!

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